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DC TimeBank

Saturday, October 22nd 2016 12:30 PM — 3:30 PM

Movement Makers Fair: Linking Our Time, Skills, and Knowledge

The DC TimeBank invites local changemakers to attend our first Movement Makers Fair on Saturday, October 22nd! Grassroots movements for justice are consistently underfunded, but that does not mean they are underresourced! The DC activist community possesses a wealth of skill, talent, and knowledge. The Movement Makers Fair will help attendees partner across silos and foster mutual exchange beyond the dollar.

Timebanking rewards and honors work that advances social justice and builds community. Simply put, it is about spending time doing something for someone else in the community. That hour goes into the TimeBank as a time credit, which you can redeem by having someone else do something for you. Our website serves as our “bank” to record time credits earned by members and list offers and requests. Examples of popular exchanges include car rides, child and pet care, and music, language, and art lessons. At the Movement Makers Fair, we will offer orientations for new and returning members, and we'll hear from Edgar Cahn, the founder of the timebanking movement, and Debra Frazier, coordinator of the Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg Community Village TimeBank.

Timebanking can be used as a powerful tool for organizers to track social capital and volunteer hours. Not only will our event connect local changemakers for future exchange, but will model how timebanking can be used for self-care sessions (e.g. yoga or massage) and skills-based workshops (e.g. grassroots fundraising or grant writing). RSVP to table below, and contact us at by October 13th if you'd like to lead a skillshare at the Fair!

Date: Saturday, October 22nd
Time: 12:30pm-3:30pm
Location: Washington Peace Center, St. Stephen's Church, 1525 Newton St. NW

RSVP to table at the fair!

Transportation and Accessibility:

Street and metered parking is available. St. Stephen's is accessible by 16th St. bus lines, and is about 6 blocks from the Columbia Heights metro on the green and yellow lines.

Childcare and interpretation will be provided if requested. If you require accomodations, please contact Caitlin Duffy at no later than October 13th. 

We ask all participants to refrain from wearing any scented products or washing with them on the day of the event to ensure access for people who experience chemical or fragrance sensitivity.

We will have all-gender bathrooms for the event, including access to a single-stall bathroom.

Both the event space and the bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.