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DC TimeBank

Friday, February 16th 2018 7:00 PM — 9:00 PM

Kickstart Your TimeBanking Action

Potluck with TimeBanking founder Edgar Cahn & Christine Gray.

Date: Friday, February 16  (Please note the new date, updated as of February 6)

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. 

Address: 5500 39th St. NW, Washington, DC 20015

Located at the corner of 39th St. and Livingston St. one block west of Connecticut Ave and Two blocks north of Military Rd. On-street parking in the neighborhood.

You love the idea of timebanking. Maybe even signed on to the DC TimeBank.

And then....?

With TimeBanking, offering the best that we can give, and receiving in turn the best that others can offer helps connect us to the threads of human kindness in our communities. We build a sense of shared humanity that feels both rich and purposeful, and we feel valued, connected, and happier, as these stories of TimeBanking from across the United States and around the world illustrate.

But for many people, doing actual TimeBank exchanges feels like a bigger step than it really is. To get past that initial errrrr...... we invite you to Join Edgar Cahn, the founder of TimeBanking, and me, Christine, at our home for a potluck aimed at kick-starting your TimeBanking action. 

The Potluck

Sharing food and our "special talents," we will explore together the patterns of giving and receiving in our lives -- at family, at work, and in our social lives. These are patterns that often we take for granted.

We will touch on the core values of timebanking, check out offers and requests in the DC TimeBank software, and make a resolution to engage with a new sense of intentionality in acts of giving and receiving in the upcoming week -- maybe through the timebank, maybe in some other way.

The potluck is a stand-alone event -- but we will also be inviting you to make this the starting point for Gathering With A Purpose, a series of three workshops to experience timebanking in action, and to delve more deeply into the underlying values of timebanking, and the role it can play in our current economy. To that end, we will take a quick dip into what's in line with the three workshops and find out if there's a group who will want to continue on with that second step.

Gathering With A Purpose Workshops

Gathering With A Purpose workshops are a deep dive into the heart of TimeBanking.

In the three Gathering workshops, we explore how timebanking's five core values apply in daily life. Offering to share our passions, and to experience the gifts and the kindnesses that others bring, we will each set up two timebank exchanges over two weeks: one give, one receive. In telling the stories of those exchanges, we will gain a new sense of how these simple building blocks of community -- building blocks that go back to the beginning of humankind -- still bring connectedness and meaning.

For more, click on Gathering With A Purpose.

For those who choose to continue, the three workshops will be scheduled from 7.00 to 8.30 on weekday evenings of consecutive weeks, the dates to be determined. A donation to TimeBanks USA from Gathering workshop participants will be requested, suggested at $15 for each workshop ($45 total) -- but what you choose to give will be gratefully received. Workshop materials will be provided.

RSVP Please

If you’re interested in saving a place at the potluck please let us know by sending a message through the TimeBank to Christine Gray, or else email her at 

If you know someone who might like to attend but is not a part of the timebank, please bring this announcement to their attention and provide them with Christine's email:, Put POTLUCK in the subject line of the email.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Edgar and Chris