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DC TimeBank

Letter from Your Coordinators

February 2018

Hello DC TimeBank members and to our visitors as well!

We are excited to provide you with an update on our community.


New members continue to join the DC TimeBank, and we are currently just under 200. If you are a new member, please take time to check out the DC TimeBank member handbook

Also, if you are new -- or just wanting to find out if timebanking is for you -- we strongly encourage you to attend an orientation. It’s a great way to meet other members, and to move from the great idea of timebanking to the experience of doing of timebanking. That can be a surprisingly big leap for new members! The orientation is a way to ease in and get the feel of it. We will put out an announcement when the next orientation is scheduled.

Upcoming Events

Sandwich Making Project

Keri Nash is again planning to bring together DCTB members with an energized group of community members to put together 500 lunch bags that held a sandwich, fruit, a snack, and a bottle of water. We will then deliver the sandwiches to the Union Mission. This will be the second sandwich-making marathon. Last year, it was a lot of work AND a lot of fun! We will post details.

Three Workshops: Gathering With A Purpose

Timebanking has the potential in any community to reward and honor work that advances social justice and builds community. We have created a series of three workshops, together called "Gathering With a Purpose," which will do a deeper dive into timebanking as a tool for building trust and strong connections while meeting real needs. Scheduling is dependent on getting a group of interested timebank members. Participants will:

  • Review timebanking core values and how we can apply them day-to-day. 
  • Explore why it can be so hard to ask for a service, and how to push past that barrier!
  • Do at least two exchanges between workshops -- and share our experience.
  • Become familiar with the two faces of timebanking: volunteering? earning/spending? 
  • Shape our individual and shared purpose/s for timebanking.
  • Refine our unique "elevator pitch" to explain timebanking for others.
  • Determine if we will choose and do a timebanking project to further a specific purpose, either as a whole group, small groups, or as individuals.

Please contact coordinator Christine Gray at if joining these workshops is of interest.

Leadership Team

We have a diverse leadership team, and are looking to build our coordinator/leadership capacity. If you seek the rewarding experience of weaving community, please join with the DC TimeBank leadership. Roles include planning gatherings,communicating with members, inviting members to volunteer with your pet project, coordinating a happy hour at your favorite bar, hosting a potluck at your home or apartment building, contributing to our social media presence, helping with the newsletter, calling members to let them know of an upcoming potluck or orientation and more.

We are looking for members to help out! Contact us at if you’re interested in earning time credits helping out the TimeBank. Thank You!

Coordinators Debra Frazier, Caitlin Duffy, and Chris Gray