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DC TimeBank

Call for Leadership for the DC TimeBank!


Do you support neighbors and community groups in your spare time? Do you like the idea of exchanging services with others without money? Do you care about a more just and equitable economy? Is your organization looking for a way to manage volunteers and document social capital?

If any of these resonate with you, help coordinate the DC TimeBank!

Timebanking is an idea and tool for a new economy, one that builds community and honors contributions equitably. Over the past few decades, hundreds of timebanks have taken root across the country and the world. Our local timebank, the DC TimeBank, was founded in 2010 to build circles of reciprocity and mutual aid, nurturing community ties, community self-sufficiency, and resilience.

In the DC TimeBank, members exchange time, talent, and labor using time credits. One hour equals one time credit, regardless of the service. Offers, requests, and completed exchanges are documented in the easy-to-use software, which allows our community to track activity and connect with each other. It can be a powerful way to organize resources across class lines in the city for advocacy campaigns, education, food and wellness, worker cooperatives, and more.

The DC TimeBank’s online platform and community events have attracted hundreds of individual and organizational members who share an interest in non-monetary exchange and the core values of the timebanking movement. Examples of popular exchanges include car rides, companionship, child and pet care, and music, language, and art lessons.

What do you have to share, and what do you seek?

The TimeBank is calling for members of our community to join a new coordination team! We'll offer orientations and visioning sessions for the future of DC TimeBank in summer and fall of 2019.

Interested in learning more? Fill out this form to provide your input and sign up for updates!

We look forward to building with you.