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DC TimeBank

DC TimeBank Gathering via Zoom


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"One Hour: Our Small Slice of Eternity"

Around the world, across the continents, timebanking builds kindness, trust, and solidarity through pay-it-forward exchanges. If you are young, old, or somewhere between; if you are rich, poor, or comfortably off; if you are from here, there or anywhere; join in timebanking's values-based approach to meet your own and others' needs.   

Explore how you can raise the value of your time!

How: Join a weekly Timebank call to get started

When & Where: Wednesdays on Zoom  

6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

Weekly Zoom invites are sent to all DC TimeBank members.

Not yet a member? To receive an invite that includes the Zoom link  

contact us at Write "Invite for Gathering" in the subject line. 

(Or click on the envelope icon in the menu bar to contact us.)