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DC TimeBank

Apply for membership in DC TimeBank

Membership Requirements


The DC TimeBank is free and open to all residents of the DC-MD-VA area. Join today to help us build community through mutual exchange!

To create a new account, fill out the form on this page. 

As an applying member, you will be required to provide your name, email address, phone number, a photo or avatar, "About Me" description, and neighborhood to complete your profile. You may change the privacy settings of your phone number so that it is only visible to Coordinators.

You will receive an email from us to verify your email address and make sure that you are a real person! Please verify your email account within one month to maintain an active account. (If you do not see it quickly, please check your spam folder.) 

Once you complete your profile and email verification, a coordinator will review your account to approve your membership. Upon approval you will receive an email indicating that you have been granted full membership and can start participating in the DC TimeBank! 

To maintain an active account in the TimeBank members must use their account at least once per year. We encourage you to post offers and requests and attend a DC TimeBank event!

Disclaimer: TimeBanking exchanges an alternative currency known as the time credit. Members earn time credits by providing a service, and spend time credits receiving a service. Any offers or advertisements for commercial services that are inconsistent with these values will be promptly removed from the site and may result in account deactivation.